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Some Cool, Easy Article Marketing Tips That Will Improve Your Traffic

Article Marketing Strategies

Learn How I Created 25,000 Visitors In 8 Weeks Using Article Marketing

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Article marketing is awesome. That’s the simple truth, my friend.  How do I know that it works?  Easy.  I got 25,000 unique visitors to my brand new website in less than 8 weeks from the time I launched it using nothing but article promotion strategies.

For the sake of a quick laugh, how much of an investment do you think it would take to create that much traffic from Google PPC?  A LOT.  Also, a lot of us who are good at article marketing get dramatically higher conversions from organic search results than we do from PPC anyways, so it’s better all around.  (That way, I at least know my leads can read).

Because I want to keep these strategies short, let’s jump right to it and talk about the 5 best article promotion tips anywhere on the internet:

1.  Every single day, create one new, original article. Look, out of all of the things I’m going to mention here, this is the most important.  Simply by being consistent in your content creation, you’ll overtake 99.9% of all of your competition in a very short period of time.  Unless you’ve got some paid assistance, I wouldn’t create much more than one article per day, because of the time that it would take, unless you write professionally. 

2.  Create variations of the article and submit it to as many article directories as you possibly can. What I do is simply take thirty minutes or so extra per article and I create unique variations of each sentence before I broadcast them using my software.  The next step I take is that I use the same software that creates the variations to submit my content to the top 200 article directories online.  Since each directory gets a unique article, and the content is high quality because I create the variations myself, I only get positive, raving reviews from all of the directories I submit to. 

3.  You should link back to your original piece of content in your author resource box. What will happen if you point your content back to your original site is that Google will see the links and percieve your site as the most important, ranking your site higher in the search engines.  Plus, if you create unique variations the links will be more powerful.  I’ve used this simple strategy to rank on the first page on Google with brand new websites, beating out pages that are 2, 3, even 5 years old.  Try it.

4.  Create a short, 30 second video of yourself talking about how awesome your article is. Then, use one of the video promotion services out there to broadcast your video all over the internet.  Then all you have to do is make your video link to your article, and presto!  You’ve got social video traffic!  I use Traffic Geyser for my video promotion.  You can use a free online service called TubeMogul as well, it just doesn’t work quite as fast or as effectively as Traffic Geyser.

5.  Bookmark your original piece of content, and your YouTube video using, which is a free social bookmarking service that will submit your original article to 25 or so social bookmarking sites, which gives everything you do additional links and exposure.

That’s it my friends!  By completing these five steps every single day, you’ll beat out almost all of your competition in a very short period of time.  Try it and keep us all posted on the kind of results that you get!

David Wood is an expert at producing Thousands Of Free Visitors. If you want to learn how to create massive, ridiculous exposure for your business using Article Marketing, check out my Free Article Marketing Course

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