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Alright, since I want to keep this article short and help you dramatically increase your traffic and leads, I’m going to get right into some hard core traffic building techniques that you can use for any website.  What I’m about to share with you is a four step website promotion strategy that I use to get ridiculous amounts of visitors to my websites.  I recommend doing this once per day, but if you’re just too dang busy, you can shorten the process to once per week (although you’ll get 1/7th of the results).  Ok, so let’s launch right into the strategy:

1.  First, we want to make an article, or a video that’s educational, and put it on a website somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be the best content in the world, it just needs to be useful and educational in nature.  If you write regular articles, make regular videos, and take time to be consistent, about 1 out of every 5 articles you write will get you 80% or more of your traffic.  Some of the gurus out there try and only write content that is going to be part of the 80%, but it just doesn’t happen.  Just focus on creating LOTS of content and deal with the ratios.  Every kind of content online is the same, videos included.  All you have to worry about is creating a lot of useful information and getting out there on a website of some kind.  You could put it on a blog, an article site, or a video site if that’s your gig.

2.  Step two is to make a video announcing your article, and broadcast your video to the video sharing sites.  Video marketing is one of my favorite promotion tactics because you get the search engines picking up your content 10 times faster than any other method.  Confused?  Simply sit in front of a camera and talk about your exciting new article for 30 seconds.  I use a simple service called Traffic Geyser to promote my videos online, because it’s easy to use and it’s the best service like this that exists.  When you send your videos out to the sites, point the links back to your original piece of content.  You can also use a service called ‘TubeMogul’ which is free, but far less effective than Traffic Geyser.

3.  Write a brief article talking about your content, or a variation of the same article and broadcast it to the article directories.  Articles are cool because they stay around for like 100 years and they get you long term, consistent traffic.  They also give you a kind of ‘super credibility’ that only can come from massive exposure and consistent content creation.  I use automated software to promote your articles.

4.  Go through all three steps every single day.  Look, this is a simple process, and it will work for you like crazy if you follow it.  Honestly, even if your articles stink and your videos are second class, it will still work.The funny thing is, this will still work even if your content isn’t the best in the cyber universe.  (Of course, it will work much better if they’re killer).  You need to work the strategy consistently to see long term results, and I encourage you to do it over the next 100 days.

Why should you keep it up over the next 100 days?  It’s simple, because if you do what I just mentioned for the next 100 days, you’ll have so much traffic, links to your site, and leads coming through whatever system that you use, that you’ll flip out with excitement.  (It works that well).  Stick with it my friends and I’ll see you at the top of the search engines.

David Wood is a Jedi Master of Disguise at helping you Increase Your Traffic. If you want to learn more about the steps and resources mentioned in this article, and you’re up for a 100 day challenge, visit his blog entry: 100 Day Traffic Challenge.

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