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Don’t spend anything on software until you have read this

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Cutting your software costs

I want to help you save money and I am never going to ask you for a penny in return.

Every year I save thousands of pounds by not spending any money on software. It only took one small event to drive me to look for a better deal and in this case it was Sage Software. I know that I can do most of the essential tasks in my business on high quality software that costs This is not normally included in the business curriculm at colleges. The tragedy is that just about 90% of small business owners don’t know the facts about the amount of free tools out there. I just follow these three steps to get the free tools.

Spare ten minutes every day to search on the term for the tool you need.

* Get yourself a copy a free copy of Evernote to record what you find.
* Just ten minutes at the end of each day exploring the features of your findings.
* I recommend you do this for one month to establish a list and implement all of the tools you might require to runn your business.

To help you get started and prove my point here is a list of tools I use regularly. If you are about to purchase any of the basic software you need for your business, the chances are you have looked at the software I have listed on the right hand side of the page, on the left you will find their free equivalents.

Come back soon as I will be adding more insights here.

Here we go:

Just type the name of the free product to the search engines

One system to manage customers and accounting pricing: free Sage Software – really expensive and only does Accounting

Creating and writing Documents

Google Docs pricing: $0 Microsoft Office pricing – at least $100


OpenOffice (

Sharing ideas online pricing: $0 Mindjet pricing – at least $200

Making videos

Jing pricing: $0 Camtasia Studio pricing – at least $300


DimDim pricing: $0 AdobeConnect pricing – at least $200/month

My thanks to the Sage Software incident for the desire to blog this and help you out.


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