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Affiliate Marketing Revised

You’re dead wrong if you think you know anything about being an affiliate. The tactics of the past few years just don’t work anymore. If you play by the old rules, you will lose this game.

The big lie

You’ve been told it’s easy to get started as an affiliate. Well, that’s true . . . to a point There’s no doubt it’s easier than starting your own business. But “easier” doesn’t mean “easy”.

The cold hard truth

The worst part is that the information you’ve received is all wrong. You’re told to pick one of more products to promote. Next to look for easy keywords to target. Then buy some keyword ads that send traffic to the product. And finally get a fat check for all the sales. But this just won’t work!

Forget keywords

Keyword advertising used to work. But the competition has shot the price of keywords through the roof. It’s time for a paradigm shift.

A better way

There’s still hope. Here’s a new method that works!

  • Start using CPA marketing
  • Utilize demographics data
  • Do image ad marketing

Do CPA marketing instead of product promotion

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It’s much better than promoting a product. Because your visitor doesn’t have to buy anything. Your commission is generated when they complete an “action”. Like completing a survey. And getting them to do this is so much easier.

Instead of researching keywords, research demographics

Keywords are no longer relevant (you’ll see in a minute). Invest your research time into demographics. First, select the CPA offer you want to promote. Then hop over to And find your target demographic.

Use image ads

So far, you’ve got your CPA offer and your target demographics. You can target these exact demographics on display networks. And let images do the work. No keywords required. The biggest advantage is price. Display networks charge a fraction for image ad clicks vs. keyword ads.

Summing it up

This is powerful method to make money online. Because it’s free to get started in CPA. Image ads are cheap. You can use demographics to target your ideal prospect. And getting them to take an action is much easier than making a sale.

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